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Marketing Activities

I will launch an aggressive marketing campaign designed to sell your home quickly and at the best price. At every step, you will be kept informed of our progress and buyer’s feedback. I will tailor a program specifically to sell your home and answer your needs; my main activities are described below.

Realtor Opens and Networking

To gain as much exposure in the initial list period, I recommend we hold an open house solely for realtors so they are accurately informed about your home and its selling features. We will hold additional realtor opens if useful. Also, your listing will be immediately announced to the more than 300 Macdonald Realtors working in Vancouver.

Public Opens

With your approval, I will hold public open houses. We will hold them strategically to maximize interest (for example, when your home is first listed and when a new listing comes on in your building). Public opens will be advertised on my websites, MLS, Craigslist and Facebook.

Scheduled Showings

Scheduled showings are important to sell your home. Being a full-time realtor, I make myself available to attend showings, both during the week and weekend. Being present is important to make sure the buyer and realtor see and understand the selling features of your home firsthand.

Print Advertising

I will pay for and place print advertisements when appropriate. Every Friday, Macdonald Realty has an advertisement on the back page of the Vancouver Sun business section that I can use for your listing. I often advertise in the West Ender. Our marketing program can also include direct mailing to neighbours within your building or mass mailing in your neighbourhood.
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